About Us

KickChef is an India based company which provides amazing services to the restaurant owners. We take care of everything from the kitchen setup, menu planning to the staff hiring. We have been working and providing yeomen’s services for years now. Providing quality services to our customers is our first priority and we with our whole team of professionals make restaurant startups easier.

We provide you with a great platform where you can find a large pool of talented people ready to serve at your restaurants. The process of staff hiring is quick and we make it quite simpler for you as well. If you are starting up your restaurant business then all you need to do is to give us a call and we will make sure that we provide you with ample of services required by you at affordable fees. We have helped hundreds of restaurants and hotels in their growth by setting up an amazing kitchen and menu for them

Planning the menu of the restaurant requires patience, analysis, and proper research and our professionals make sure that they are able to set the food and drinks menu according to the preference of the customers in that particular area. Our professionals indulge in the market research first and then offer you great services. We see ourselves as a paragon in restaurant service providing in the upcoming years. Contact us and get ready to give a kick-start to your restaurant business.